City Council of Gandia

Gandia is a municipality of the Valencian Community (Spain), located in the southeast of the province of Valencia and is the capital of the La Safor region. According to the data from the boss, the population of Gandia has risen to 74,814 people (INE, 2016) but, in the summer it can reach 160,000 people.

Starting point

The public lighting of the City Council of Gandia is a total of 13,152 lights along with all of the municipality. These sodium vapor light, function with a polluting technology and very inefficient in terms of energy consumption, which lead management of public lighting to become obsolete. Given this scenario, the City of Gandia decided to promote a project for the renovation and optimization of the municipal public lighting network in the hands of Alisea ESCO (Efficiency Service Company), a Tech Pro Group company specializes in the benefit of energy services that promote projects for efficient energy and that won the public tender.

Proposed Solution

As a responsible company of this efficient energy project, Alisea ESCO has proposed to the municipality of Gandia a technological solution with two dimensions according to what the city needs and the criteria of reduction in consumptions and emissions.

On one hand, replace sodium vapor lamps for the latest generation of LED lamps. This measurement is essential due to the antiquity of the lights that were installed in the city.

On the other hand, the management and maintenance of the entire network through 107 control centers with remote management, which was carried out with the WeLight system. With this measurement, there is a strict and rigorous control of consumption, being able to detect potential anomalies both in consumption and in the operation from the electricity network or the control panel. The remote control for the on and off of the lights, the control of costs associated with consumption, as well as the corrective and preventive maintenance, or the follow-up of the inventory, these are all further advantages that is brought by the technology developed by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions.

¨The project is already very beneficial for the city since it has led to more than 80% of conservation of energy and a total annual savings to the City Council of 20% of the total bill that we were paying before, therefore we have all won in this situation, we are an environmentally responsible city: a city of science and innovation” Diana Moran. Mayor of Gandia.

For the achievement of the project, Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions has relied on Microsoft technology. Microsoft Azure Cloud is guaranteed success in cases such as smart lighting where reliability and criticality in the optimal management of public infrastructure is key. Azure offers security and availability of the data kept in the cloud and enables the sizing and scalability of projects in the future.

¨Wellness Smart City & Solutions is a company specializing in the world of loT and specifically in the world of Smart Cities. We have big projects in a lot of places. To have a company like Microsoft that accompanies these sites is vital for us. Azure gives us sufficient reliability for power to face all the Smart Cities projects in which we are involved. With the Azure iCloud of Microsoft, we have certainty that wherever we go we can put together a CloudRoom with Azure, and there is a team to support any very vast problem we need to solve, for Azure guarantees the success that they gave Microsoft in order to reach their customers for us, the market place, and the ecosystem that allows us to get not only the technical performance at commercial level that already is very significant level, but also to have a greater ability to reach the demand of our customers” Carlos Velo. Sales Manager of Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions.


The renovation of the street lighting system is an energy saving for the city of Gandia, close to 400.000€ per year and a total of 20% a year and 8.5 million in 15 years thanks to the LED technology and the system of remote control management for the public lighting, WeLight, developed by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions.

¨An installation of the latest technology, an intelligent management network and the start of a Smart City and all without having to make an investment “Miguel Ángel Zamorano. Sales Manager of ALISEA.

According to the data that was provided by Alisea´s company, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is estimated to be cut in 1.831385 kilograms a year, which would grow around 300,000 trees on the surface, the size of 1,500 football fields.


Gandia has been the first city of the Valencia Region in having all public lighting with LED, only with the exception of some decorative elements that maintain conventional bulbs. This makes the lighting of Gandia one of the most modern in Spain and even Europe. To be able to control the consumption and know exactly what is happening in order to optimize the lighting. The contract of the project, which shall stay intact for 15 years, is valued at more than 34 billion euros.

¨Today we have real time data available without precedent in the municipality, thanks to Alisea, which has established a level of control. This first step among many others that the municipality should take, in addition to saving energy with its environmental and economic component. In the city, today, there are areas that are even better lit. City Hall can only say that this project has been a complete success.”  Vicent Sarrió. Industrial Engineer.  Head of Basic Services and Environment of the City of Gandia.