Electrical Panel Telemanagement

  • Setting turned on/off by lines of lights.
  • Monitoring electrical parameters of each phase of lighting.
  • Application of an on-off schedule.
  • No need to incorporate additional astronomical clock.

Point-Point Telemanagement: PLC and RF

Both solutions can be remotely managed from WeLight centralizing the Point-Point Management. Depending on the communication technology between the electrical panel and each light-point, WeLight supports two types of systems: Power-Line-Communication (PLC) and Radio-Frequency (RF).

Common features:

  • Creating groups of street lights remotely managed.
  • Individual switch off for each street light.
  • Programming for each light or groups:
  • Application of an on/off schedule.
  • Power regulation profile setting, up to 8 night transitions and any level between 0 and 100% of rated power (LED).
  • Specific profiles for holidays and events.
  • Active power measurement for each point of light.
  • Individual failure detection for improving the quality of service and maintenance.

PLC (Power Line Communications)

  • Ideal for urban areas with a high density of street lights.
  • It covers large distances (> 1km) with bidirectional communication with each street light.
  • Quick response.
  • Avoids radio interferences.
  • Allows the installation of filters to prevent noise on the power line.

RF (Radio Frequency)

  • Ideal for isolated or low density street light areas.
  • Ideal for isolated areas or low luminance density areas.
  • Managed area is independent from the electrical line configuration (circuits).
  • Recomended for non-stable electrical grids.
  • Easy installation and deployment.
  • Scalable system for integration with other sensors in the city.

Ultralite IoT

  • Ideal for integration into already deployed networks.
  • Cellular communications.
  • Efficient data and energy consumption.
  • Reduces deployment cost.

Cable Theft Detection

Smart Cities & Wellness Solutions distributes Cable Theft Detection System included in the Public Lighting Tele-management System, WeLight.

Advanced Detection

  • Instant cable cutting detection.
  • Sabotage detection of electrical panels, manholes and remote sensing.
  • Single and Three Phase Networks.
  • Operation with and without electrical power.

Location and Maps

  • Location of circuit where the cut of cable occurs.
  • Sabotage location of electrical panels, manholes and remote sensing.
  • Alarms in MAPS and GOOGLE MAPS.
  • Operation with and without electrical power.
  • Custom maps with wiring outline.


  • Cable Cut alert in real-time.
  • Alerts of sabotage of electrical panels and manholes.
  • Alert notification by SMS and GPRS / 3G.
  • Fine adjustments to avoid false alarms.

24H Surveillance

  • 24h surveillance with and without power.
  • User profiles with calendars, schedules and supervised areas.
  • Historic register of alarms.