Welight - UCA

Lighting Control Unit (LCU)

The Lighting Control Unit (LCU) is a device with a processing capacity and wireless communications (LORA/SIGFOX), which collects, analyses and stores data from the network analyser, sending them to the WeLight server via the GPRS module in the device itself.

In addition, the unit receives the programming for each of the days of the week from the WeLight server, storing it in the memory. Therefore, it is possible to configure both the on and off times as well as the operating modes for each interval.

Installed in each lighting control panel, the LCU manages the measurement equipment, the turning on and off of the lighting, communications with the server and also controls the additional elements in the electrical panel such as point-to-point control equipment, cable theft protection, flux regulators, door opening sensors, etc.

The LCU design is based on 2 CPUs to make it more robust for the lighting operation in the event of a fault. The high versatility of the equipment allows additional external input and output communication modules to be added.
Measuring 160 x 90 mm and weighing 350 g, the device also incorporates an assembly system on a 35 mm DIN-rail which facilitates and simplifies its installation, saving time and work.

Software platform

  • Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • Cloud data repository.
  • Monitoring information.
  • Alarms.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Reports.
  • Contents.

How does it work?




WeLight is a remote management system for public lighting that monitors and controls consumption, reacts to deviations and optimises the system. It is composed of a hardware device and a software platform. The system has been entirely developed by the company Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions.
The LCU is the Lighting Control Unit, the hardware device of the WeLight remote lighting management system.
The system also integrates point-to-point equipment, controls flux regulators, door opening sensors, anti-vandalism and anti-cable theft systems.
Yes, with different technological modalities via cable (PLC) or wireless signal.
No, as it is an independent system it is totally versatile, scalable and integrable with already existing customer systems.
To request a demo it is necessary to fill in the contact form on the web page indicating in the Comments field “I would like to request a Demo” and a member of our sales team will contact you.
Yes, all of the solutions have a layered architecture and the databases are specifically designed for the new IoT paradigm.
Yes, with WeLight it is possible to carry out the inventory and maintenance work of the entire public lighting infrastructure.


Yes, the modular nature of the system makes it adaptable and configurable according to the different electrical scenarios that arise.
Yes, both the LCU and the light source, the analyser and the current transformers are prepared for DIN rail.


The SaaS, Software as a Service modality, offers the user the possibility of enjoying the system according to their needs. Among its main advantages are the absence of licence fees and maintenance, hardware and systems costs, quick installation time, permanent updates, availability andubiquity.
The data is stored on the Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions Cloud.
Yes, WeLight has a series interface, a modular design and is compatible with Modbus.
The devices are equipped with M2M cards capable of communicating with the main operators of each country according to where they are installed.
Communications were designed to be wireless (LORA/SIGFOX) although the system can work with any communications network that is already installed.
The WeLight system is updated remotely and transparently for the user.


Yes, thanks to the deployment APP provided by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions the technician is able to register the equipment on a functional level and then configure the rest of the settings from the web platform.