Welight - Escenario


The new operating models of public lighting facilities (contracts from energy service companies, ESCOs, efficiency investments, etc.) have been generalised in recent years. In this situation we find ourselves facing the challenge of improving efficiency in the management of the public lighting system, maximising the value of investments, optimising operations, improving the service provided to the public, and the information available to them. Can we get useful, relevant and immediate information that allows us to control the different factors that guarantee the success of investments in public lighting, thus improving the quality of the service?

Welight - Solución


WeLight system allows the monitoring and control of the public lighting infrastructure, detecting possible deviations in consumption or faults on an operational level and permitting the drafting of reports on consumption and savings at an executive level. WeLight helps public lighting managers to prepare inventories and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of public lighting infrastructure.

The solution is offered in two modes: Telemanagement in header electrical panel and Telemanagement point to point compatible with traditional lamps (halide, sodium vapor, mercury vapor …) and LED lamps.

In Point to Point mode, WeLight enables control of lights through the Power Line (PLC) technology and Radio Frequency (RF).

WeLight does not need its own server or an additional communications infrastructure: all information is offered in a safe and personalised way via the internet.


WeLight system was designed to take advantage of all the benefits of the benefits of the SaaS (Software as a Service) module, which among other advantages results in the reduction of initial investments in technological infrastructure. However, the versatility of the system makes it adaptable to the needs of the customer.

The communications were designed to be wireless (LORA/SIGFOX) given the geographical spread of the lighting control panels even though the remote public lighting management system can work with any communications network that is already installed.

Welight - Beneficios


  • Detection of deviations in consumption in real time.
  • Control of electricity consumption.
  • Detection of faults in public lighting, improving the response time and the service offered.
  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Compatible with multiple technologies and manufacturers, including LEDs or conventional lamps.
  • Customizable platform.
  • Compatible with customer information systems.
  • Compatible with point-to-point systems and customer cable theft protection systems.